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Sony A9 Fashion Editorial

Last week I was given the opportunity to travel to California with the Sony team for an amazing event called Kando to test the brand new Sony A9 camera.

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Quiet Moments During the Chaos of New York Fashion Week.

This month I was chosen by Tumblr to be one of their creators during New York Fashion Week Men's. They gave me an all-access pass and the freedom to create, so while most of the other photographers were trying to capture the insanity and action of the runway, I was looking for quieter, more personal portrait moments amidst the chaos. 

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Last week I had the honor and privilege of photographing Mr. Science himself, Bill Nye, at New York Fashion Week. The Science Guy was walking in designer Nick Graham's show, along with fellow space-hero, Buzz Aldrin. Both were a blast to photograph. 

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Heat Exhaustion - Institute Magazine Summer '16 Editorial