Top 5 Resources for Learning Photography Online

With the popularity of mobile photography, more people are getting into the hobby and profession of photography than ever. It's as easy as pulling out an iPhone and pressing a button, which is why everyone and their mother (and grandmother) does it. But the learning curve when migrating from mobile photography into digital or film photography is a steep one. If you're looking for more than bland results, you're camera's Auto setting isn't going to cut it. And that's just the learning curve for taking photographs. For the professional photographer there's also a need to learn lighting, photoshop, business, social media, marketing, etc.

That's why I thought I'd share my favorite resources for learning photography online. Nothing will ever replace getting reps (actually getting out and experimenting over and over again), but the fact that these resources exist at our fingertips is pretty incredible. If you're looking for content that goes way deeper than most YouTube tutorials (which is always a great resource!), then look no further.

1. CreativeLive - This online tutorial site produces incredible high-quality classes, in a really nice studio, on every topic from photography to music production to graphic design. The best part about it is that they broadcast ever class Live for free before it gets added to the site for purchase. Often I'll turn on their live photography classes and listen in while I work at my computer. They're classes can be a little pricey, but you get what you pay for. 

2. Skillshare - Another online tutorial site. Most of their classes are user uploaded, so the range of production quality is pretty broad. But that also means that a lot of your favorite instagrammers have classes on the site. And there are a lot of great classes to choose from. Even Seth Godin has a class on modern marketing up there. Check it out! 

3. Phlearn - Probably the worst website name I've heard in awhile (I'm guessing Photography + Learn?), but I suppose it's catchy and their classes are awesome! Really informative classes on studio lighting, and Photoshop tutorials are top notch. 

4. Strobist - David has created an unbelievable library on lighting with strobes, in nearly ever scenario you can imagine. Photographers looking to get into lighting on a budget need to check out his Lighting 101 section.

5. Photographer's Websites - There are so many photographers who are creating their own resources for photographers on everything from gear reviews to lighting to working with models. Here are just a few: Zack Arias, Jeremy Cowart, Joey L, Steve Huff, Ken Rockwell, etc. 

These are just a few of the resources available online, but they've been huge for me, and hopefully they help you out too!