"Crafting a Community of Writers with @philipandersonedsel"

In July of 2014, I began a project on Instagram called #captionsbywriters. The goal was simple: to create a place on Instagram for writers to share and find inspiration. In August of 2015, the project was featured on the Instagram blog and has received nearly 1 Million likes on their feed! 

I was so inspired by the community created around writing and photography on Instagram, that the idea was sparked for the first-ever Instagram photo-novel, written during NaNoWriMo in November of 2014, which I titled #TheValleyofAshes. 30 chapters in 30 days. It was a daunting and fun experiment in real-time, "longish"-form writing on social media. Click the hashtag to read.

The #captionsbywriters hashtag currently has almost 2,000 posts and the community of writers on Instagram is growing rapidly! Below are a few of my favorite #captionsbywriters posts. To see more, follow the link to my Instagram feed, @philipandersonedsel. Hope you enjoy!




"As if in brilliant collusion, all leaves are called forth to fall in ordered secrecy, disregarding height and breadth, to jump into glorious blindness. They neither ask for glory nor substitution, but bow under heel like faithful soldiers of a season's end." #captionsbywriters


"If his heart wasn't yours, it was surely because he had already given it to the sun and the waves and the salt that turned to sand beneath his feet. And if you felt it also, this communion of earth and sea, your heart was never yours to give neither." #captionsbywriters



"These were the days of heaven,when the wild wind threshed through cotton shirts, and the sun made fold all that wished to be golden. We were a city on a hill, sparrows amongst the throes of spring, and time went idle because we had no use for it." #captionsbywriters


"Rain fell in gold flake, gentlest disruption, and i, paler than forever, felt for your hand, shiverwild at the start of something new." #captionsbywriters


"It was evening in the desert and she danced while the earth exhaled in softest wonder. Three days since she'd escaped, and many more since she had felt the sun. So when it set, she folded up the day's desires like a blanket and hide to feel it all again, as if infinity repeated itself." #captionsbywriters


"A warmth hovered over the earth, just past dawn when the summer came, and our feet moved in synchronicity as the June bugs sang. Whether it was levitation, or a free fall, we cared next to nothing and carried even less." #captionsbywriters


"Summer came in hot like a firecracker, burning the tips of our fingers and putting smoke in our lungs. But when the night came and we lay breathless, we gave thanks for seasons of change." #captionsbywriters


"And in that capricious moment, in the valley where you last reflected, the light rushed in like prayers through an open window." #captionsbywriters